Safety Net (Insurance)

Are your financial problems more serious than you know how to handle? We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with advice and possibly a solution. If we cannot solve your difficulties, we can point you in the right direction to professional organizations who can. One very important thing to know is that financial problems do not have to destroy your life – there are always options.

Sometimes people can get placed in difficult financial situations, that quickly become a big issue. If you agree that your income is the key to your lifestyle, future, and security, then you need to treat it with the respect it deserves and protect it. We understand that there is a balance between insuring for the future and living for today, that’s why we tailor your Safety Net Plan to suit your personal needs and budget.

Over time, your circumstances will change which has a direct impact on your required outcomes. Our team will review your Plan on an annual basis and make adjustments from time to time as required. We will provide you with ongoing support, advice and claims assistance where necessary.

Safety Net and Superannuation Plan

All services outlined in Package 1 plus we will review your current Superannuation arrangements and provide advice and product placement designed to help you achieve your eventual retirement goals.

Safety Net, Superannuation and Investment Plan

All services outlined in Package 1 plus we will provide advice and product placement for non-superannuation investments designed to help you achieve your specific goals

Custom Advice

Agreed services provided will be tailored to your specific requirements and documented prior to engaging our services

Have you thought about your future?

We believe in delivering financial planning advice which provides positive and tangible outcomes. We believe everyone should have a financial plan. We make it easy to understand, easy to manage, easy to access and affordable. We do all of that without compromising the quality and integrity of our work.

‘Easy to understand’ doesn’t mean creating an appropriate plan is simple. There are many complexities involved in the creation and maintenance of a financial plan. There are considerations around investment allocation, insurance placement, taxation and ever-changing legislation. You need someone with the knowledge, experience and back office support to be able to deliver the quality advice and structure you need.


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