Superannuation & Retirement

Superannuation and Retirement

At Lighthouse Financial Services, we believe that financial advice is an essential part of life and should be available to everyone.

We all have the past, a present, and a future. However, in financial terms, most people live in the present but fail to plan for their future. There are many reasons why people don’t seek advice. Some of the common misconceptions are that “financial planning is something you do when you are ready to retire”; “you need to be financially secure”; “you need to have a lot of money”; “not until the kids have left home”; “maybe after we pay off the mortgage”; “it’s too expensive”.

Your ability to earn and maintain an income is one of the most vital elements of your life. Your income dictates where you live, what you have, where you go and what you do. At some point in time you will no longer be able to earn an income – sometimes that’s by way of a voluntary retirement, sometimes it is forced upon you when you least expect it. What happens when you can no longer earn money? What happens to your home, your family, your way of life? Are you prepared? Do you have a plan? Are you protected? Will you be able to afford to live the life you want? We will help you answer all of these questions.

You will receive all of the services outlined in Package 1. In addition, we will review your current Superannuation arrangements and provide the appropriate financial advice. Our product placement is designed to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Subsequent to the services outlined in Package 1 you will also receive advice and product placement for non-superannuation investments. This product is designed to help you achieve your specific goals.

Have you thought about your future?

We can provide general financial advice encompassing many aspects of your financial situation and can tailor specific advice packages to suit your needs. We have also developed advice packages encompassing the essential aspects of Plan and Protect – being Safety Net, Superannuation and non-super investment. The advice and product placement within these advice packages are specifically tailored to your individual needs.

We have that team. Our principal planner has over 30 years of industry experience and is backed by an equally experienced and qualified support team.


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